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Emmvee Group Starts Photovoltaic Project Development

New Business Units of Manufacturer of Solar Modules
Emmvee Group Starts Photovoltaic Project Development
The plant in Doberschuetz is already well on its way (pic: Frank Hilgenfeld)

Emmvee, German-Indian manufacturer of photovoltaic modules, has embarked on new business activities.
The units project management and EPC contracting are the new assets besides the established pillars, solar-thermal and photovoltaic as well as toughening glass: Project Development and EPC Contractor.
The new business units are to develop turn key projects, plan and implement solar installations of size. From the planning stages tothe maintenance of existing solar parks.
First projects are already in the making. In two German cities, two big installations are in the finishing stages or have just begun:
In Doberschütz, Emmvee have installed the biggest roof installation with structured glass in Germany and in Bronkow, a defunct military airport is to be transformed into a solar park with almost 12 MW. Emmvee has financed and implemented all works on the projects by itself.
The new business unit consists of engineering, procurement and construction as well as maintenance. Emmvee have gained some 20 years of experience in the solar field and relies on a team with an international expertise in order to execute projects successfully.

„Emmvee uses high quality components in its modules and also the solar systems will be a combination of the best products available, from our modules to inverters, everything will work together since we have gained years of experience,“ saysSteffen Graf, CEO of Emmvee Photovoltaics GmbH in Berlin.
D.V. Manjunatha, founder and Managing Director of Emmvee, adds:“We now have new pillars to place our business activities upon in order to generate further business growth in Europe and India: next to photovoltaic modules, solar-thermal appliances and toughening glass, the project development will be a prominent part of our business.“

Emmvee Group of Companies is an international provider for solutions in the fields of renewable energy. The manufacturer of photovoltaic modules and solar-thermal appliances has two production plants inBangalore, India. Its European headquarters are in Berlin, Germany.
Emmvee has recently started the business unit Project Development, a global unit in order to install turn-key solar installations.
Emmvee places great emphasis on transparency, service and quality.
The website www.emmveephotovoltaics.com allows a deeper insight into the company and its business activities.

Emmvee Photovoltaics GmbH
Frank Hilgenfeld
Franz-Jacob-Straße 4a
10369 Berlin

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