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First Compliance Testing for Automotive Ethernet & Protocols

DaaKs Has Accredited RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS for Ethernet Test Scopes According to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

First Compliance Testing for Automotive Ethernet & Protocols

RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS is the first test house for Automotive Ethernet and Protocols Compliance Testing

RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS has become the first test house successfully accredited for test scopes for automotive Ethernet and Protocols through the German accreditation body DaaKs (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH, Berlin). In their own compliance laboratory, the experts in automotive data communication now perform test scopes for automotive Ethernet and Protocols according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. „Our experience as the compliance test house for control units based on the MOST standard provides the basis for our reliable test implementation for automotive Ethernet,“ explained Wolfgang Malek, General Manager and Co-Founder of RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS. „With numerous control units from different manufacturers and different E/E architectures having undergone our compliance test lab in the past years, we meet the stringent requirements for quality, robustness, and compliance expected by carmakers and suppliers.“ The test house and accredited test laboratory significantly broadens the comprehensive compliance tests for in-vehicle data communication by extending the test scopes. In addition, customers are supported with consulting and accompanying engineering services throughout the total certification phase in order to identify errors even at early design stages.

Automotive Ethernet Tests of Components and Devices

For components, RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS provides PHY and SWITCH compliance testing for automotive IP/Ethernet. The automotive Ethernet compliance test for devices covers PHY and data link layer. The automotive protocols compliance testing includes SomeIP, UDP-NM, and further protocols. Further test scopes comprise the TCP/IP protocol family compliance test and the TSN compliance test. Bildquelle:kein externes Copyright


With comprehensive expertise in data communication for automotive electronic systems, Ruetz System Solutions provides full service to carmakers and suppliers for a smooth and timely production start (SOP). The technology partner based in Munich offers engineering services for system specification and integration, Test Laboratories as a Service, compliance tests, technology assessment and training. Part of the test laboratory solutions are test systems and platforms. With broad competency in data bus systems for all in-car data transmission standards such as, amongst others, CAN, Ethernet, FlexRay, LIN, MOST, USB and WLAN are supported competently and reliably by the general contractor. More information is available at www.ruetz-system-solutions.com.

Wolfgang Malek
Walter-Gropius-Strasse 17
80807 München
+49 89 200 04 130

Mandy Ahlendorf
Tannenweg 11
82319 Starnberg

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