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New Technology Brochure with Tips on Producing Complex PCB

Practical and Integrative by Rehm Thermal Systems

New Technology Brochure with Tips on Producing Complex PCB

SIPLACE Demo Board (Source: ASM Assembly Systems)

They are barely visible to the naked eye and have names like 03015 or 01005, but they are achieving great new things in the world of electronics. The smallest of components, such as microchips, capacitors and resistors, are gaining ground when it comes to the manufacturing of electronic products. They offer new technological solutions and challenge the industry to make compromises, so as to keep up-to-date with the trend towards miniaturisation. In a joint project, experts from the Fraunhofer Institut (FhG IZM Berlin), Rehm Thermal Systems and other manufacturers from the electronics industry met to discuss experiences and process recommendations for the production of complex boards, based on the example of the current SIPLACE demo board. The results have been compiled and demonstrated in a practicable way, in a new trade brochure.

Complex boards with an extensive spectrum of components make high demands on planning and implementation of the manufacturing process. From circuit board tolerances, through to a stable opening layout of the print templates, to a choice of soldering paste and a reliable soldering process – the right decisions must be made from the outset.

The „Complex Board Project“ provided an excellent opportunity to examine in detail the technological challenges in manufacturing intricately assembled circuit boards. The focus was on the wide variety of components. Using the SIPLACE demo board example, which contains components with edge lengths of just 0.3 mm x 0.15 mm, up to sizes in the centimetre range, critical points were able to be analysed for work with a complex mix of components. The current results are now contained in a technology handbook, which has been compiled by the companies ASM Assembly Systems, ASYS, Christian Koenen, Fraunhofer IZM, Heraeus, Rehm Thermal Systems and TDK Europe. The experts discuss factors in the SMT value chain that need to be observed for a robust manufacturing process. It is the aim of the partner companies to offer electronics manufacturers technological and practicable solution concepts for processing the smallest of components (e.g. 03015) alongside very large components (e.g. transformers) and for making production more efficient and as flawless as possible.

Those interested can get a copy of the technology brochure „Complex Boards – a Challenge for SMT“ at the Productronica Trade Fair (10.-13.11.2015) in Munich, from Rehm Thermal Systems at exhibition stand 335 in hall A4.

Further details on the SIPLACE demo board: http://www.siplace.com/en/mysiplace/demoboard

Bildquelle: ASM Assembly Systems

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