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What are the Benefits of Soldering with Vacuum Profiles

Factors which Influence Voids and Reliability (source: Voids Workgroup, Dr. Wohlrabe, TU Dresden) (Source: Voids Workgroup, Dr. Wohlrabe, TU Dresden) Requirements for void-free solder joints are continuously increasing in the field of electronics manufacturing, i.e. the reduction or elimination of cavities in the connection technology used between component connectors and connector pads. New challenges evolve … Weiterlesen »


Basista Printed Circuit Boards: Quality In, Quality Out.

Modernization project to increase quality and performance is now complete. Peter Basista with circuit board test product upon completion of the company?s modernization project Basista Leiterplatten GmbH, based in Bottrop (Germany), specializes in the production of circuit board prototypes and small production runs of the highest quality. The circuit board manufacturer enjoys an outstanding reputation … Weiterlesen »


20 years MAZeT: New visual identity and slogan „our system. your success.“

Due to the 20th anniversary of MAZeT – the company presents their new Corporate Design The new logo of MAZeT GmbH Jena (Germany) July 3, 2012 – On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the company MAZeT GmbH – Development and manufacturing service provider for embedded systems and optoelectronic solutions from Jena, Germany – … Weiterlesen »