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New tML System Platform: Maximum Packing Density, Simple Assembly

tde presents new rack mount enclosure for challenging network environments (Source: tde – trans data elektronik GmbH) Dortmund, 28th September 2017. With its new tML system platform, tde – trans data elektronik is expanding its portfolio of high-performance scalable plug-and-play cabling solutions. The latest product of the network specialist is the logical next step in … Weiterlesen »


tML fibre-optic modules: LC ports with integrated shutters for dust and laser protection

Integrated metal dust caps ensure the transmission quality of fibre-optic cabling (Source: tde – trans data elektronik GmbH) Dortmund/Germany, 17 January 2017. As of now, tde trans data elektronik GmbH is offering tML fibre-optic modules with full dust and laser protection with the same high packing density as before: During the plugging process, integrated shutters … Weiterlesen »