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ELIV 2017: Automotive Gigabit Ethernet POF Transceiver Available

KDPOF Starts Shipping of KD1053 Samples to Automobile Manufacturers and Suppliers KDPOF starts shipping of the automotive gigabit Ethernet POF transceiver KD1053 KDPOF – leading supplier for automotive gigabit connectivity over POF (Plastic Optical Fiber) – is proud to announce the shipment of the first automotive grade Gigabit Ethernet POF (GEPOF) transceiver KD1053 devices to … Weiterlesen »


ELIV 2017: Automotive POF-Transceiver für Gigabit-Ethernet verfügbar

KDPOF startet Auslieferung von Mustern des KD1053 an Fahrzeughersteller und Zulieferer KDPOF liefert erste Muster des Automotive-POF-Transceivers KD1053 für Gigabit-Ethernet KDPOF – führender Anbieter für die Gigabit-Vernetzung im Automobil über POF (Polymere optische Faser) – verkündet die Auslieferung der ersten Muster des automotive Gigabit-Ethernet-Transceivers KD1053 für POF (GEPOF) an Automobilhersteller und ihre Tier1-Zulieferer. Die erste … Weiterlesen »


MOST(R) ICA Conference Program Highlights MOST150 Pumping Up the Volume

14th MOST Interconnectivity Conference Asia on November 14, 2013 in Tokyo, Japan MOSTCO Exhibit Will Show Simple and Low-cost HD Multimedia Network for Medium- and Small-sized Cars The MOST(R) Cooperation (MOSTCO) – the standardization organization for the leading automotive multimedia network Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) – invites carmakers and suppliers on November 14, 2013 … Weiterlesen »