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Unprotected is out!

Successful Conformal Coating Day at Rehm Thermal Systems

Unprotected is out!

Protecto line with four-head application system, vacuum module and drying plant

A professional protective coating of assemblies extends the life of technical products and increases the quality of electronic devices. Conformal coating is the key to modern and reliable manufacturing, especially in the field of sensitive electronics such as in aviation and space technology, medicine, power electronics and the automotive industry. Together with partners from the industry, Rehm Thermal Systems organised a successful themed day around the technological backgrounds and practice of safe circuit board coating. In four specialist presentations and three workshops, the numerous participants were able to gain a comprehensive understanding of conformal coating as well as first-hand experience of the coating process in the Rehm Technology Center at the Blaubeuren facility.

„An airbag should work reliably when it is needed, and the same applies to an on-board computer in an aeroplane or medical analysis equipment. By coating the circuit board after soldering, we can ensure the functionality of electronic assemblies, for example in vital technical end products of the automobile industry, aviation and medical technology“, explained Bernd Marquardt, Product Sales at Rehm Thermal Systems, to open his presentation. In a comprehensive overview, he made clear the necessity of circuit board coating to protect the electronic contacts from moisture, corrosion, dirt and other environmental influences. Further factors such as the correct choice of materials and the optimum placement of the components on the circuit board and parameters for the profile in the drying process and avoiding typical errors in coating were also covered.

Representatives of partner companies Viscom, Lackwerke Peters, Kolb Cleaning Technology and KC Produkte took part and discussed the proper protective paint inspection, selection criteria for the correct coating and also the proper cleaning of coated assemblies, and were available to visitors throughout the day to answer questions.

In the afternoon workshops, it was all about practice for the visitors. In the Rehm Technology Center Bernd Marquardt, together with Manuel Schwarzenbolz, Project Manager for Conformal Coating at Rehm, demonstrated the entire coating process directly on the Protecto line – consisting of a four-head application system, vacuum module for underfill processes and drying plant. „The flexibility of our plant enables nearly any coating to be applied without any problems, regardless of the size, height or smallest component of the circuit board, or whether the circuit board is closely fitted or has tight spaces. With up to four different nozzles and various application methods, the system meets any coating requirements“, emphasised Manuel Schwarzenbolz.

In addition, the participants were able to learn about the new „ProFlex“ software with touch screen user interface for optimal traceability of all conformal coating processes and test technical equipment for the proper inspection of protective coatings.

„To meet the requirements for a reliable and safe production in the future, selective coating processes are coming more clearly into focus in innovative electronics production. We thank all our visitors and partners for this successful and interesting day,“ concluded Sales Manager Michael Hanke.

Rehm Thermal Systems was founded in 1990 by Johannes Rehm and is a provider of reflow soldering systems and drying systems for the electronics industry as well as a manufacturer of fast firing systems and solar dryers for the metallization of solar cells. With „Simply. More. Ideas.“ our goal is to become technological leaders in all areas of production and offer our customers sustainable, future-oriented products.

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