A New Way of Looking at Data Centers: Visually Mapping tde”s tML Cabling Systems with AixBOMS

tde’s tML-products can now be managed via the network documentation software AixBOMS

A New Way of Looking at Data Centers: Visually Mapping tde"s tML Cabling Systems with AixBOMS

(Source: tde – trans data elektronik GmbH)

Dortmund / Aachen/GERMANY, 11. July 2017. tde – trans data elektronik GmbH”s tML products are now available under AixBOMS. AixpertSoft made it possible by integrating tde”s modular Plug & Play tML cabling systems into its own software for cable and connection management. tde solutions can now be visually mapped in network documentation and, to a degree, managed automatically. Data center operators benefit from the standardized documentation and management of information required for planning, operation and invoicing of networks and IT inventory management. As of this year, AixpertSoft is a technological partner of this year”s tde-Roadshow “Up to Terabit Mountains – Network (R)Evolution”. During the LANline Tech Forum in Stuttgart on July 11th tde”s booth will be located near the AixpertSoft booth.

tde”s Plug & Play modular tML cabling systems distinguish themselves with their high packing density, a crucial criteria for migrating to higher transmission rates. However, this means there is little space left on the patch panel for port documentation. Even numbering is hard to fit on the plate. “In the years to come, a shortage of space due to a rising number of ports and growing port density will be more and more of an issue”, Andre Engel, CEO of tde predicts. “To deal with these complexities, electronic network documentation solutions like AixBOMS are very useful. We are therefore pleased to announce that AixpertSoft have extended their professional application to include our products.” With AixBOMS, network technicians and data center operators can visualize all solutions and applications installed in their data center. It makes undecipherable and crowded labels on patch panels or ports a thing of the past.

Clear overview over all levels from data center to port

AixpertSoft developed their software AixBOMS specifically for the cable and connection management demanded by modern IT infrastructures. The software is high-performing, safe, and easy-to-use. Data center operators receive an expert system for planning, documenting and operating the complex IT infrastructures of entire data centers. For cable management, AixBOMS supports a large number of graphic editors, including those for sites, buildings and floor levels, as well as components and spot-on ports for cabinets and connections. Additional features are the unique planning mode and project viewing for the Change Management with automated workflow. Dashboards enable fast access to information in patch nodes and quick searches for technology. AixBOMS offers to establish connections without cables and supports tabular mass data maintenance.

The integration of tML solutions into AixBOMS allows for a visual representation of the network on data center level as well as on port level. At the same time, automatization is possible. In this manner, every connection in the network can be documented, creating an inventory. Various parameters such as length and absorption can be logged and the energy consumption and temperature of all the devices used in the data center managed.

Technological partner of the tde-Roadshow

Technological partner AixpertSoft is a regular guest at the tde-Roadshow events to give lectures on the challenges and trends of software supported IT infrastructure. The close partnership with tde is substantiated by the position of AixpertSoft”s booth at the next LANline event in Stuttgart on July 11th: Both network experts will present their companies in booths in close proximity to each other.

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About tde – trans data elektronik GmbH

For 25 years the tde – trans data elektronik GmbH, an internationally successful company, has specialised in the development and production of scalable cabling systems for highest packing density. The nuclear research centre CERN relies on the know-how of the leading company in multi-fibre technics (MPO) as well. The company”s portfolio “Made in Germany” contains complete system solutions with a focus on Plug-and-play for high speed applications in the field of datacom, telecom, industry, medical and defence. tde offers both planning and installation services through its own service department and supports the “European Code of Conduct” when it comes to energy efficiency in data centres. For more information, visit www.tde.de

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