Android(TM) Meets Embedded Systems

Android(TM) Meets Embedded Systems

MAZeT present android solutions for embedded systems

MAZeT GmbH, a leading provider of Electronic Design and Manufacturing Services of opto-electronic and embedded computing solutions, present their new Android based solutions for embedded systems. Modern requirements for embedded systems are that defined tasks need to be solved at maximum efficiency. This is at limited usage of operating systems and at minimal hard- and software effort. Price performance-radio, reliability and flexible data rates are high in demand. Embedded systems often use modified versions of operating system, such as Embedded Windows, Linux or Android. For systems with high requirements on performance and reliability it is also recommended to use customized FPGAs or ASICs.

In relation to the Embedded World 2013 in Nuremberg the newest system solutions and applications for the mobile sector will be presented. MAZeT for example, demonstrates the wireless communication via Bluetooth with a compact pre-engineered Android system. The unit addresses a lighting system with feedback control loop, which uses specially developed color sensor technology to control and optimize the color value output and long-term stability of LEDs.

The right solution for every task

Android implementation and system customization can be a challenging task – especially with non-standardized hardware. Embedded Android systems are capable of modular upgrading so that own applications can be integrated via common interfaces. All known ARM processors from Freescale to Texas Instruments are supported throughout the implementation process. Energy management, safety protocols and performance are regarded as key aspects.

As a system and design company and with more than 20 years of experience in the field of embedded computing solutions – MAZeT GmbH offers design and manufacturing of system solutions from a single source. MAZeT is specialized in porting operating systems to specific processor platforms, developing drivers for customer-specific interfaces, as well as designing application software and developing firmware for various hardware solutions. The company develops specific drivers and application software for Windows, Linux and Android.

(Android is a trademark of Google Inc.)

About MAZeT

MAZeT GmbH is a leading European development and production service provider. Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Jena, Germany, the company develops, manufactures and delivers customized electronics modules, software and ASICs and sells its own products worldwide under the JENCOLOR brand. Thanks to the broad technology offer and application expertise, MAZeT GmbH is a proven and reliable service partner in the areas of industrial electronics and optical sensor technology for custom-tailored, customer-specific solutions. Their development expertise and components for special applications are used in sectors as diverse as industrial metrology, control, automation and medical technology.

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