Expanding our portfolio with new solutions, services, and business segments

Expanding our portfolio with new solutions, services, and business segments

ETAS provides solutions for the design of embedded systems for the automotive and other industries

* New business segment for customer-specific software development
* Portfolio expanded to include new Test Consulting Services

“We are in a great position to shape the future of automotive software,” says Friedhelm Pickhard, Chairman of the Board of Management of ETAS GmbH. “In the last twelve months, we have set up a new business segment for developing customer-specific software, expanded our consulting portfolio, and established more ETAS locations in Asia.”

ETAS offers global services for the design, implementation, and integration of embedded software in the form of RTA (Real Time Application) Solutions. Although geared mainly toward ECUs for the automotive industry, ETAS also offers RTA Solutions for applications in other sectors. This means ETAS can provide premium software irrespective of the hardware solution-software that is tailored to each customer and meets required standards including AUTOSAR or ISO 26262.
For the past 20 years, ETAS tool solutions have played a role in the successful development of ECU software and automotive ECUs. With highly qualified specialists working around the world, the ETAS Embedded Systems Consulting team is building on this wealth of experience and has expanded its portfolio considerably over the past year. Customers can take advantage of our new Test Consulting Services for advice on how to minimize verification and validation costs, maximize test automation and the reuse of testing artefacts, and improve system quality and reliability.

ETAS also has a successful business in products that fall into the traditional application areas of software engineering, test and validation, and measurement and calibration. The new DESK-LABCAR is a remarkably compact, easily extendable, and cost-effective Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) testing system that puts professional HiL technology in the hands of developers. Due to their high system complexity, calibration of modern powertrain ECUs requires an enormous investment of time and money. Using models to precisely recreate system behavior, the new ETAS ASCMO tool is a powerful, universally applicable solution that has been shown to reduce the need for measurements by up to 90 percent and fuel consumption by 2 to 4 percent. For over 15 years, INCA software products have been used as flexible tools for calibrating, diagnosing, and validating in-vehicle electronic systems. Today they are used in over 25,000 development and series-production projects worldwide. INCA V7.1 set a new record for the number of users who switched over during the implementation phase of a new release.

Through its subsidiary ESCRYPT, ETAS provides access to the specific embedded security know-how required for the implementation of suitable security mechanisms onboard the vehicle. This means we can set up infrastructures for the safe and reliable management of keys for access-protected vehicles, covering their entire lifecycle from development to service. But embedded security is by no means an isolated product. It is closely related to an embedded system”s functional safety. Here too, ETAS provides comprehensive solutions and is constantly expanding its portfolio-from the tried-and-trusted RTA operating system and the ASCET code generator to new testing possibilities with ETAS EHOOKS, ETAS EVE, and expert consulting services.

Over the past 20 years, ETAS has greatly advanced the efficient, reliable, and safe development of automotive software while also continuously expanding its workforce and international orientation. Last year our workforce grew across all regions, once again experiencing double-digit growth in Asia and in the Americas. Including its ESCRYPT subsidiary, ETAS currently employs more than 850 associates in 13 countries. In 2013, ETAS established two additional offices in Japan and Thailand. Bildquelle:kein externes Copyright

ETAS provides innovative solutions for the development of embedded systems for the automotive industry and other sectors of the embedded industry.
As a systems provider, ETAS supplies a multifaceted portfolio that covers the range from integrated tools and tool solutions to engineering services, consulting, training, and support. Security solutions in the area of embedded systems are offered by the ETAS subsidiary ESCRYPT. Established in 1994, ETAS GmbH is a 100-percent subsidiary of the Bosch Group, with international subsidiaries and sales offices in 13 countries in Europe, North and South America, and Asia.

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