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Fujitsu Announces Powerful MCU for Automotive Instrument Clusters

New 2MB Flash / 208KB RAM MCU with APIX1 Interface to enhance Fujitsu”s ARM® Cortex?-R4 based line-up
Fujitsu Announces Powerful MCU for Automotive Instrument Clusters

Langen, Germany – February 28, 2012 – Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe (FSEU) announces the expansion of its scalable line-up for automotive instrument clusters, covering everything from MCUs for traditional clusters up to 3D graphic Systems on Chips (SoC), and capable of driving virtual or free programmable clusters. Named MB9DF126 “Atlas”, the new 2MB Flash/208KB RAM MCU with APIX1 Interface and ARM core offers customers high performance and exceptional memory content. FSEU”s new MCU will enable innovative driver information systems with increased functionalities, running more sophisticated software solutions and supporting the AUTOSAR specification. MB9DF126 “Atlas” is optimised to perform well against industry considerations such as safety, security and power consumption. The first samples of the MB9DF126 “Atlas” MCU, which has been developed in Fujitsu”s MCU Competence Centre in Langen near Frankfurt, will become available in Q2/2012.

Atlas – shouldering leading edge automotive technology
MB9DF126 “Atlas” is the latest member of Fujitsu”s FCR4 family, based on the well established ARM Cortex-R4 core, operating up 128MHz and offering more than 200 DMips processing power. MB9DF126 “Atlas” is designed to operate as a single chip solution for traditional instrument clusters without graphics, or to work as a companion chip together with Fujitsu”s Indigo devices or Emerald SoCs, for hybrid or free programmable (virtual) automotive instrument clusters. It contains intelligent support for up to six traditional gauges, a RTC (real time clock) unit with self-calibration and I2S interfaces for the output of advanced sounds. With its 2MB of Flash, 64KB of EEFlash and 208KB of RAM – all three protected by Error-Correction Code (ECC) – it fulfills next-generation cluster requirements. The internal memory can be extended by external memory either connected to the parallel bus interface or the HS-SPI module. The HS-SPI interface can communicate with external serial flash and for ease of use is offering memory mapped access.

Like the other devices of the FCR4 family, MB9DF126 “Atlas” contains the safety, security and power-saving features expected by automotive customers. In addition to the communication interfaces listed above, it features LIN and up to three CAN modules as well as an integrated 250 Mbit APIX1 transmitter. APIX (Automotive Pixel Link from Inova Semiconductors) is applied for the high-speed communication of graphics data and exchange of control information between standalone APIX transceivers, or devices with embedded APIX interfaces, for example. Fujitsu”s MB9DF126 “Atlas” and Indigo MCUs. This feature mix is completed by a rich set of timers, a sound generator as well as PWM and ADC channels. AUTOSAR is supported via the MPU, a timing protection unit (TPU) and the peripheral protection unit (PPU).

In addition to these devices Fujitsu will provide dedicated boards, software examples and the AUTOSAR MCAL – versions 3.x and 4.x. MB9DF126 “Atlas” will be delivered in LQFP-176 package.
About Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe (FSEU)
Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe (FSEU) is a major supplier of ‘right-sized’ advanced semiconductor solutions, serving the automotive, industrial, communications and home entertainment markets. FSEU’s overall strategy is firmly driven by its customers’ demands, with the aim of becoming an integral value-added link in the complete supply chain. Sales teams are based in regional offices in Langen near Frankfurt, Munich, Maidenhead near London, Paris, Milan, Budapest and Istanbul, providing local technical sales and applications support. Engineers from Fujitsu’s European-based design centres and research and development facilities, dedicated to analogue and mixed-signal technology, advanced packaging, microcontrollers, graphics controllers, multimedia ICs, ASICs and embedded software, work closely with marketing and sales teams to satisfy customers’ systems development requirements.

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