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Heraeus launches new Silver Alloy Bonding Wire (AgLite)

AgLite is a cost-effective alternative replacement to gold wire

Heraeus launches new Silver Alloy Bonding Wire (AgLite)

With the recent trend towards using wires made from materials other than gold, Heraeus announces the introduction of AgLite. It is a silver alloy wire that contains silver as the main component and other important elements.

With this introduction Heraeus expands its portfolio of non-gold bonding wires that include a wide range of bare copper products and palladium containing copper products in addition to the recent addition of a family of Ag based products.
Further technical details: AgLite is designed to work for both IC packages and LED devices. It has a Free-air-ball (FAB) hardness which makes it ideal for sensitive pad metallization. The wire has proven to achieve almost equivalent Mean-Time-Between-Assist (MTBA) statistics as gold bonding wire.

Eric Tan, Product Manager for gold bonding products from the Bonding Wire Business Unit of Heraeus states: “The benefits of AgLite described above are clearly obvious to any wire bonding engineer. AgLite is designed and engineered to render good reliability and excellent bondability in replacement of gold bonding wire. It is definitely a cost-effective alternative to gold wire.”

This alternative now provides customers an additional degree of freedom to choose and select the most appropriate technology for wire materials other than gold.

Heraeus, the precious metals and technology group headquartered in Hanau, Germany, is a global, private company with more than 160 years of tradition. Our fields of competence include precious metals, materials, and technologies, sensors, biomaterials, and medical products, as well as dental products, quartz glass, and specialty light sources. With product revenues of EUR4.8 billion and precious metal trading revenues of EUR21.3 billion, as well as more than 13,300 employees in over 120 subsidiaries worldwide, Heraeus holds a leading position in its global markets.

Heraeus Materials Technology GmbH & Co. KG
Guido Matthes
Heraeusstr. 12-14
63450 Hanau

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