Innovative equipment for solar cell production

Rehm presents an information stand at the EU PVSEC in Hamburg

Innovative equipment for solar cell production

Fast firing system process

The EU PVSEC is one of the leading trade fairs in the photovoltaic industry and is considered a major science-to-science, business-to-business and science-to-industry platform. At this year’s fair, which will take place in Hamburg from 15 to 17 September, visitors will have the opportunity to consult numerous exhibitors of the latest developments in the world of solar energy. Rehm Thermal Systems presents an information stand on innovative equipment for solar cell production in Hall 7, Booth E2. We look forward to your visit!

Rehm”s RFS Fast Firing Systems and RDS Solar Dryer for typical mono- and multicrystalline solar cells achieve metallization with first-class results thanks to their excellent profiling capability. Their flexible, modular system design allows a wide variety of production layouts, while their low energy consumption and high throughput make them versatile.

Fast Firing Systems – the best quality for the best solar cells
The Rehm Fast Firing Systems win customers over with their high quality. High-efficiency solar cells with very low breakage rates, even at high throughput, can be manufactured thanks to sophisticated systems engineering. Many advancements in terms of low power consumption as well as numerous software tools help to optimize the production process. All RFS systems are equipped with powerful IR emitters in the upper and lower side heating, whereby the metallization of solar cells is carried out with maximum process stability. The systems are available as a pure Fast Firing System or with integrated dryer.

RDS solar dryer for optimal processes
The production of solar cells requires a drying system that is perfectly adapted to the diverse combinations of wafers and pastes. Rehm”s RDS Solar Dryer dries a paste applied via screen printing onto silicon solar cells at temperatures of up to 300 °C, or in the RDS HTX version at temperatures of up to 450 °C. The system consists of a combination of multiple infrared and convection zones. As a result, the temperature profile can be flexible, but still set with pinpoint accuracy. The solar cell is then cooled down gently so that it can be further processed immediately. Also available is the optional VOC Thermal Oxidizer for purifying the exhaust air.
In addition, newly developed dryers that operate under a nitrogen atmosphere have opened up new fields of innovative processes in solar manufacturing.

99.9 % less VOC – the Thermal Oxidizer makes it possible!
Rehm”s VOC Thermal Oxidizer offers one of the most effective residue management systems on the market. The organic compounds released from the pastes during the heating process (Volatile Organic Compounds – VOCs) are cracked and almost completely converted into carbon dioxide and water. All available systems operate with a separation of max. 99.9 % and thus comply with the legal standards of the TA-Air/Germany. Oxidizer systems with heat recovery, such as the available CFR (Counter Flow Reactor), are also particularly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Our experts will gladly inform you on the spot regarding Rehm Solar Equipment in Hall 7 at Stand E2!

Rehm Thermal Systems was founded in 1990 by Johannes Rehm and is a provider of reflow soldering systems and drying systems for the electronics industry as well as a manufacturer of fast firing systems and solar dryers for the metallization of solar cells. With Simply. More. Ideas. our goal is to become technological leaders in all areas of production and offer our customers sustainable, future-oriented products.

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