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OpenVPN access now possible via iOS devices

OpenVPN access now possible via iOS devices

OpenVPN access is now also possible via iPad

End devices featuring openVPN can now also be accessed via Apple smartphones and tablet PCs. INSYS icom, a leading technology partner for M2M technology, demonstrates how simple that is: network devices such as INSYS icom’s industrial router MoRoS can be easily and quickly integrated into VPN networks via the internet-based INSYS Connectivity Service.

Technicians who wish to access their applications via this secure tunnel through their smartphones or tablet PCs only need to install the “OpenVPN Connect” app that is available free of charge in the App Store.
As a last step, they need to integrate the configuration files of the network devices. These files can be downloaded from the INSYS Connectivity Service portal for each connected device.

By activating the VPN tunnel in the OpenVPN app, users can then directly access their applications, e.g. via the browser Safari. Up until now, the OpenVPN interface was only supported by Android devices. A link to instructions for the use of iOS devices with the INSYS Connectivity Service can be found on the homepage of INSYS icom’s website.

Founded in 1992, INSYS icom is a well-established technology partner for industrial data communication and M2M technology. The company’s product portfolio includes simple serial modems, integrated mobile radio routers, controllers for e-mobility charging stations, and complete efficiency solutions.

INSYS icom supplies customers from various industry sectors, such as energy production, mechanical engineering, and traffic engineering. The company”s durable solutions are also employed by system integrators, automation experts, and the public sector. They are used for various applications such as remote access, alarm messages and monitoring processes, and the intelligent secure integration of systems.

INSYS icom products are available in many form factors with any type of data transfer technology and with a wide range of features. Intelligent extra features make them even more versatile: these options include the integrated Linux sandbox in routers and SDSL products for user-specific applications, customized sandbox apps, and the INSYS Connectivity Service that enables the management of safe VPN networks.

INSYS icom”s technical support team provides competent assistance, in-person and at any time. Thanks to extensive development experience, INSYS icom is an ideal partner for customer inquiries about new developments or change requests regarding hardware, software, applications or technology.

Barbara Gallert
Hermann-Köhl-Str. 22
93049 Regensburg
0941 586920

Barbara Gallert
Hermann-Köhl-Str. 22
93049 Regensburg

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