Posalux: Lasers for all environments

Posalux: Lasers for all environments

FEMTO LASER 3-axis machine: Advanced µ-machining solutions for high-tech production

Laser light can become a powerful tool when integrated into a high-precision machinetool environment. Posalux offers such machine-tool solutions for the micromachining of various applications in the medical, electronic and automotive industry.

Since the Posalux introduced the first FEMTO laser machine for the automotive industry, it has added more applications to its portfolio. With the recent development of the model FEMTO MONO, Posalux offers a compact yet versatile solution for machining operations, including drilling, cutting and turning, by using ultra-short pulse laser technology. Various materials like ceramics, nitinol and polymers (such as polyaryletheretherketone) or precious materials (gold and platinum) can be processed in a stable and consistent way. Material integrity is also guaranteed, due to the coldablation process applied by the FEMTO, which falls well below 500 femtosecond laser pulses.

The machine”s concept is modular, enabling the use of either a high-precision X-Y table or 5-axis layout, depending on the application. The TWIN version comes with two independent work stations, and it is intended to be used for high volume production. Both versions come with a single laser source and one optical head, which is chosen based on the application. In addition, the TWIN version can be equipped with a milling spindle that is intended for rapid prototyping and a small series. Automatic loading and unloading systems can be applied, as required. With its various machine configurations, Posalux offers precision, productivity and flexibility for all kinds of industrial machining demands.

The Swiss company Posalux has been active on the market for 75 years. It originally hails from the watch industry. Posalux has become established in the printed circuit board industry with highly productive mechanical drilling machines. Later, they offered drilling and eroding machines for the automotive industry in the field of micro-drilling for injection nozzles. The Swiss company also offer SACE, a technology for glass processing in the micro range. In the last few years, the portfolio has been expanded to encompass laser drilling machines with a view to innovation and customer focus. The original target group was the automotive industry. Posalux now also offers femtolaser drilling machines for the electronics industry, not least thanks to the achieved high application know-how. This market segment poses enormous demands. Services, innovations and technologies that add value for the customer are vital today. The company has 100 employees at its headquarters in Biel/Switzerland and its subsidiaries in Taiwan, Korea, Italy, along with a new branch office for sales and service in North America. They follow this goal and supply customers worldwide.

Posalux has invested a lot into its development centre, its employees and the corresponding measurement technology. The company’s motto and customer-focused philosophy calls for competent support on site ensure that only impeccable machines are delivered. Trusting partnerships are necessary for joint development projects and customer-specific solutions.

Solution provider for micro technology applications. Specialized in mechanical engineering, focusing on markets needing high-tech equipments.

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