Prostage presents the WAHryTone

Pure analog Guitar Effect – digitally controlled

Prostage presents the WAHryTone

Prostage WAHryTone

Prostage presents a brand new effects device: The WAHryTone!

The Prostage WAHryTone is first and foremost a pure analog WahWah with extended effect range. The adjustable frequency range of the WAHryTone extends into the baritone range. But the WAHryTone can vary your tone also as a Contour Boost, Treble Boost, Tremolo and Volume pedal. Thanks to the various adjustable parameters, you can create your own Signature Wah and save up to 128 different effect settings. The signal path of the WAHryTone is purely analog, using a yellow Fasel coil for the WahWah effect. Thus the WAHryTone offers the best of two worlds: Analog heart, digital brain!

– Pure analog audio circuit (using a Fasel Coil)

– 18 volt operation

– Controlled via app, expression pedal and MIDI

– Auto Wah and Tremolo function with tap tempo

– Auto enable function

– 128 different sounds can be stored

– Easy creation of presets, using the Prostage Remote Control app

The WAHryTone also offers various auto-Wah modes; e.g. a dynamic Wah where the effect responds to velocity. The WAHryTone is controlled with an external expression pedal or via MIDI and can therefore also be used as a rack Wah. The advantage of a rack mounted effects unit is obvious, because you need several meters of guitar cable less and the associated sound and dynamic losses are omitted.

You can simply adjust the effect parameters and store presets using the Prostage Remote Control App (iOs + Android). And finally, the WAHryTone comes with a tuner which is displayed on your mobile phone, tablet or the large Prostage Tuner & Text display.

Prostage® was founded in 2002 by me, Lukas Truninger. I grew up in Switzerland and, as a child, I was already surrounded by technology & music. After completing my apprenticeship as a mechanic, I studied audio engineering at the SAE Institute.

When I was a teenager, I was increasingly interested in audio electronics and tuned tube amps. I worked as a guitar technician / backliner for various known groups (such as Krokus, Udo Jürgens,…). Later, I worked on several tours as a sound engineer and tour manager. The experience gained has contributed to many construction details of Prostage devices.

I retrofited MIDI foot controllers with XLR plugs already in the 90″s. Then, in 2007, I went one step further and developed StageWire: a bus system in which all connected devices can communicate with each other via a standard microphone cable. And two years later, I completed the Prostage system designing the Remote WahWah: a wahwah installed inside a rack while it is controlled remotely at the front. This is Prostage’s aim: to provide guitar systems that process all signals inside the rack. So that the front of the stage only comprises remote control units.

In 2008, I emigrated to the EU, specifically to Spain. Here, the Prostage products are further developed and still handicrafted with Swiss thoroughness.

Lukas Truninger

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