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Draka UC HOME Cat.7: Improved fire protection for safe smart living

Prysmian Group: BU Multimedia Solutions presents new CPR fire protection cable with low toxic smoke and gas emission (Source: BU Multimedia Solutions, Prysmian Group) Cologne, 23rd June, 2020. The BU Multimedia Solutions (MMS) of the Prysmian Group now offers the Draka UC HOME Cat.7 SS26 S/FTP Cca, a new data cable for home cabling that … Weiterlesen »


SPE System Alliance: New alliance for the expansion of SPE technology

BU Multimedia Solutions of the Prysmian Group is technology partner in the newly founded Alliance for SPE (Source: Draka/Prysmian Group) Cologne, 20th April, 2020. The Multimedia Solutions (MMS) division of the Prysmian Group has joined the newly created SPE System Alliance. In this open alliance, leading technology companies from various industries and fields of application … Weiterlesen »


Wiring smart worlds with high-quality cables

DRAKA long-reach copper cable and space-saving DRAKA Home 10Gbit AWG26 for future-proof building and home networking Intelligent networking of residential buildingswith the space-optimised DRAKA Home 10Gbit AWG26 (Source: Prysmian Group, BU Multimedia Solutions) Cologne, April 8th, 2019 – High-quality cable products are the backbone of future-oriented and fail-safe smart building and smart home solutions. The … Weiterlesen »