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LumaSense Introduces Rel-Rad™ Hybrid Technology for Cost Effective “Relatively Radiometric” Thermal Imaging in Steel and Glassmaking Processes

LumaSenseInc.com: The new breakthrough hybrid imaging technology for non-contact temperature measurement, LumaSense Rel-Rad™, combines single point pyrometry and thermal imaging in a cost effective solution delivering “a thermal picture that’s worth a thousand pyrometers” LumaSense Technologies introduced a new infrared imaging technology called Rel-Rad™ imaging (“relatively radiometric”) that bridges the gap between single-point pyrometry and … Weiterlesen »


Emmvee Group Starts Photovoltaic Project Development

New Business Units of Manufacturer of Solar Modules The plant in Doberschuetz is already well on its way (pic: Frank Hilgenfeld) Emmvee, German-Indian manufacturer of photovoltaic modules, has embarked on new business activities. The units project management and EPC contracting are the new assets besides the established pillars, solar-thermal and photovoltaic as well as toughening … Weiterlesen »