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New Palladium Coated Copper Wire (PdPRo) for IC Applications

– The new palladium coated copper wire (PdPRo) has a robust Free Air Ball quality at a wide range of the gas flow rate – PdPRo has a higher stitch pull and a wider 2nd bond process window PdPRo is a palladium coated copper wire that contains copper as a main component and palladium as … Weiterlesen »


Heraeus launches new Silver Alloy Bonding Wire (AgLite)

AgLite is a cost-effective alternative replacement to gold wire With the recent trend towards using wires made from materials other than gold, Heraeus announces the introduction of AgLite. It is a silver alloy wire that contains silver as the main component and other important elements. With this introduction Heraeus expands its portfolio of non-gold bonding … Weiterlesen »