tde E2000 connector: high performance for high-availability applications

tde – trans data elektronik’s high performance E2000 APC applications with a low insertion loss of no more than 0.1 dB

tde E2000 connector: high performance for high-availability applications

Dortmund, 14. February 2014. As of now tde – trans data elektronik offers high-performance E2000 (LSH) class A applications featuring a premium ferrule made of zirconia ceramic and a minimized insertion loss. The leading expert in multi-fibre technology achieved this above average performance of merely 0.1 dB insertion loss and more than 80 dB return loss thanks to especially close-fit components and their own optimized production process. The compact and mechanically sturdy connector from R&M meets the highest international norms and is suitable for high-availability applications in telecommunication, industry, sensor technology, medical and measurement technology as well as in data centres and in CATV and LAN networks.

tde – trans data elektronik’s E2000 (LSH) applications fit class A with a maximal insertion loss of 0.1 dB and a return loss of more than 80 dB. In order to reach this high performance rate tde used especially close-fit components and optimized their own production process. The ferrule made of zirconia renders the E2000 durable. The connector includes anti-dust flaps made of metal by default: the self-closing aperture provides protection against dust and damage and at the same time shields the eyes of the user against laser rays. The E2000 is characterized by its compact and mechanically sturdy design and is available in simplex or duplex versions.

Due to its high performance the E2000 (LSH) connector is suited for a range of high-availability applications in telecommunication, industry, sensor technology, medical and measurement technology as well as in data centres and CATV and LAN networks. tde assembles this 0.1 dB E2000 (LSH) connector in combination with pigtail, patch cable or breakout cable applications. When used together with tde’s fan-out technology it is possible to have up to 144 fibres.

In connection with the tde platforms tBL – tde Basic Link and the two modular plug-and-play cabling platforms tML – tde Modular Link and tSML – tde Semi Modular Link the E2000 connectors can be integrated in manifold ways and thereby offer users various possibilities in the distribution technology for different applications. All tde system platforms are characterized by their very high packing density. The leader of multi-fibre technology offers special distribution technology for special applications – such as for off-shore locations or the industry.

The E2000 connectors comply with the international norm IEC 61754 and TIE/EIA 604-16 as well as the construction specifications CECC 86 275-801 (PC version), CECC 86 275-802 (APC version).

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tde – trans data elektronik GmbH is an internationally successful company, which has specialised in the development and manufacture of scalable cabling systems for highest packing density for more than 20 years. Amongst others, the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN relies on the competence and know-how of tdeꞌs technology-leadership in the multi-fiber-technology. The product range “Made in Germany” includes system solutions focused on Plug&Play for various fields such as Datacom, Telecom, Industry and Defence. As a full-system provider tde offers the entire range of services from planning to installation from one source and supports the Code of Conduct for energy efficiency in data centers, an initiative of the European Commission. For further information see

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