Thick Film on Aluminum Thermal Substrates

Thick Film on Aluminum Thermal Substrates

Heraeus combines thick film expertise with the service to provide customized circuit boards.

For the first time, Heraeus will present the new material system CoolStrates™ at LED Korea 2015 show. Heraeus CoolStrates™ utilizes Celcion™ thick film materials to provide customers with superior thermal performance for LED circuits. CoolStrates™ combines Heraeus” thick film expertise with the service to provide ready to use, customized circuit boards, primarily for LED applications. CoolStrates™ are applicable for chip-on-heatsink, chip-on-board or standard packaging technology. The components of CoolStrates™ are recognized by Underwriter Laboratories (UL®).

Able to take the same fit and form as traditional Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards (MCPCB), CoolStrates™ provides improved thermal management, performance and cost over competing board technologies.
Additionally, CoolStrates™” design flexibility allows for reduced module complexity by integrating the LED and driver circuitry directly on a heat sink decreasing manufacturing steps and overall cost of the light engine.
Now, a further step forward: Using proven thick film materials and a customized design layout, Heraeus is able to provide a unique package of materials:
Celcion™ + Aluminum = CoolStrates™

Presentation and demonstration
Visitors of LED Korea are encouraged to visit Heraeus booth number 4722 in hall B, where they will find demos with the new CoolStrates™ boards.
Additionally Carsten Mohr (Project Manager CoolStrates™), will hold a 20 minute presentation about “Thermal Management System for High Power LEDs”. Venue will be at the Heraeus booth each exhibition day at 3:20 pm. For additional technical information, please contact Carsten Mohr, Heraeus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Heraeusstrasse 12-14, 63450 Hanau, Germany, Phone: +49 6181 35 3730, E-Mail: Carsten.mohr(at)

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