vosla: Red Dot “Best of the Best” Design Award 2014

LED filament lamp looks like Edison”s original, but uses less energy, lasts longer and does not contain harmful substances.

vosla: Red Dot "Best of the Best" Design Award 2014

The vosLED light bulb produces warm, comfortable light.

The vosLED, vosla”s LED filament light bulb, has won the coveted “Product Design” Red Dot Award, earning the “Best of the Best” title in the “Lighting and Light Design” category in one of the biggest and most famous product design competitions in the world.

This distinction places vosla among the frontrunners in international product design: Only 70 of the 4,815 competitive submissions from 53 countries received the “Best of the Best” distinction for “top quality and pioneering design”.

The vosLED looks like the familiar Edison light bulb and shines with almost the same light quality. Inside the glass bulb dozens of micro LEDs are arranged in rows – like pearls on a chain. This arrangement looks very similar to the filament of a light bulb.

It has all the positive properties of the classic light bulb, shining with the same comfortable light as Edison”s original. But it also has even greater advantages: it operates without getting hot, has no heat sink, uses little energy and contains no harmful substances.

The LED technology in vosLED opens up entirely new possibilities for lighting planners and light manufacturers. Whereas in the past the heat of the lamp placed tight constraints on the design, now designers are free to work with materials such as fabric, paper, plastic, metal or stone – well beyond traditional fields of application.

Gerhard Liebscher, Managing Director of vosla GmbH, sees this as confirmation of his course: “We made no compromises when developing the vosLED. The sum of the positive properties that resulted, and the new possibilities that lighting designers now have, obviously convinced the jurors. Light manufacturers and designers who until now had no affinity for energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs with long start-up and warm-up times and harmful substances in their interior, now have an alternative in our vosLED that is visually attractive and energy-saving at the same time.”

But the vosLED is suitable for more than just modern design. It is the ideal replacement for conventional light bulbs in historic or nostalgic settings like concert halls. It looks like Edison”s original, but uses only ten per cent of the energy and has a significantly longer lifetime, which allows facility managers to strike high energy costs and frequent replacement of light bulbs from their to-do list.

Martin Enenkel, Sales and Marketing Manager at vosla GmbH, is proud to have met the high demands of the jury: “We are especially happy that the vosLED is among the products named ‘Best of the Best’, because the fact that this top category is only awarded to the top 1.5 per cent makes the Red Dot Award easily one of the world”s most demanding design competitions. We will be presenting the vosLED to an international specialist audience for the first time on a large scale at this year”s ‘Light + Building’ trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany.”

On 7 July 2014, vosla will receive its well-deserved trophy at the Aalto Theatre in Essen in front of 1,200 guests from around the world. Following the Red Dot Gala, the vosLED will be on display at the winners” exhibition at the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, before being transferred to the permanent exhibit there.

vosla at the “Light + Building” trade fair:
Frankfurt, Germany, 30 March to 4 April 2014:
Hall 4.1 / Booth D56

Background: The technology in detail

Thomas Alva Edison”s light bulb (even the “E” on the base traces back to the inventor) was the universal lamp for more than a century because it produced comfortable light. This classic was banned for one reason – it used too much electricity.

In contrast to LED lights whose design only allows their light to be distributed upward in a hemispherical pattern, the vosLED light bulb has an angle of radiation of approximately 340 degrees – which is important in applications such as designer lights with visible lamps or historic crystal chandeliers.

The colour temperature of 2,700 K corresponds precisely to the value of a traditional light bulb, which means: warm light. The colour rendering index Ra of more than 90 is very close to the maximum value of 100 achieved by light bulbs with clear glass bulbs.

Martin Enenkel, Sales and Marketing Manager at vosla GmbH, wishes he could hear Thomas Alva Edison”s opinion: “With our vosLED products we have perfected Edison”s light bulb. It already had a brilliant design: an almost ideal point light source, emitting warm, comfortable light in all directions. Now it uses minimal energy and lasts for many years. Edison would have been delighted by the new vosLED light bulb!”

Another advantage is the energy savings of up to 90 per cent in comparison with conventional light bulbs and 50 per cent in comparison with energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs. The low energy consumption and optimised thermal management by means of “transparent cooling” ensure that the light does not get hot during operation, making unattractive heat sinks unnecessary.

In addition, the new vosLED light bulb has the advantage shared by all LED lamps: instantly bright light with no warm-up time. Unlike energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs, the vosLED light contains minimal electronics and no environmentally harmful substances. It achieves a lifetime of approximately 25,000 hours with more than 30,000 switching cycles.

This lamp is available in ten 230-volt versions with E14 and E27 bases: each version having clear and frosted options with wattages between 1 and 5.5 W, corresponding approximately to conventional light bulbs between 10 and 60 W.
vosla delivers the vosLED light bulbs from its own plant in Plauen, Germany, providing consultation and service from the same location.

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About vosla

vosla GmbH develops and produces innovative lighting solutions “Made in Germany” that meet the high demands of international automotive manufacturers, the maritime industry, rail and air travel and medical technology. It does this on a foundation of more than 60 years” experience in the development and production of halogen lamps. The company”s technical expertise and professional service provide customers with a guarantee of high-end product quality. The product assortment includes over 500 different special lamps under the brand name NARVA and over 100 different automotive lamps under the brand name vosla for customers throughout the world.

vosLED is a new product brand that offers innovative solutions based on LED technology.

All departments such as Research and Development, Mechanical Design Engineering, Glass Processing, Coil Production, Mixed Gas Production and Colour Coating are combined at the company”s location in Plauen”s west end. vosla”s extensive production expertise and its regional proximity to suppliers (80 per cent are located within a radius of 150 kilometres) make it a flexible and reliable partner for its customers.

vosla GmbH has around 350 employees, of which 35 are trainees and university students, and an annual production capacity of over 100 million lamps.

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