What to consider for reading lamps as e-readers accessory

LED reading lamps for eReaders should be bright and light. Like the Ozeri lamps. Two brightness levels and light coin cells make the clip-on lamps practical.
What to consider for reading lamps as e-readers accessory

LED reading lamps count among the most popular accessories for eReaders like the Kindle. Because eBook readers are available in two different technical configurations; and for one format the purchase of a reading lamp is recommended. On the one hand there are eReaders with electronic ink, also called e-ink. The other format is the eBook reader with LCD technology. Both devices types feature advantages and disadvantages.

The e-ink device has low power consumption. Here, readers can leave pages open as long as they wish, without any additional energy expenditure. The contrast with e-ink is unique and offers the reader a reading experience as if the text was printed on paper. A drawback of this format is an insufficient brightness due to the lack of backlighting. Here, additional illumination is necessary, for example an LED clip light.

The other model, equipped with an LCD display, as opposed to e-ink solution has a well-lit screen. Here, also colour contents can be displayed in a pleasant quality. External illumination by a clip light is not necessary. The unit is also equipped with multimedia players. In addition to simply reading, it is also possible to play music or video formats. A disadvantage of this format is that the letters do not appear as razor sharp as they do in the e-ink model. In the long run, this will tire out the eyes and weary the reader. Battery life is also much lower, because the LCD technology consumes much more energy.

The display of an e-ink eBook reader has, as already mentioned, no backlight. Therefore, with the eReader you can read perfectly in daylight. But as soon as it dawns, the reading becomes more difficult. Therefore, for this eReader a good reading lamp is necessary. There are many different LED reading lights for eBook readers on the market. But what should the customer pay attention to? Which buying tips are helpful?

A good LED reading lamp must meet certain requirements. First, it should be possible to attach it to the e-book reader in a fast, simple and gentle way. The two reading lamp models Kandle by Ozeri II and Kandle by Ozeri Flex guarantee these features thanks to the rubber holder, which can be opened wide. The reading lamps fit on all eReaders with a display from 12 to 25 cm or 5 to 10 inches diagonal.

Both reading lamps are equipped with durable, power-saving LEDs. The energy for the two LEDs is provided by 2 ultra lightweight coin cells. While other manufacturers draw on conventional batteries, Ozeri uses low-cost, very lightweight coin cells. When thinking of coin cells, many customers are reminded of expensive battery changes for watches. But this is not the same. The coin cells in the Ozeri LED reading lights for eReaders cost less than 1 EUR per set. Yet, they offer a comparatively long reading enjoyment. Ozeri delivers its reading lights with two complete sets of coin cells.

Every LED reading light user will soon appreciate the light coin cells. Thanks to these coin cells the reading light only weighs 38 grams for the Kandle by Ozeri II and 43 grams for the Kandle by Ozeri Flex. This lightness will soon be noticed after a short reading time. This is an important selling point for the Ozeri reading lights for eReaders.

An even illumination of the eReader screen is also important for a pleasant reading experience. Here too, Ozeri took the next step. In two ways: The reading lights are now equipped with 3 compared to the previous 2 LEDs. This difference is clearly noticeable: The monitor of the eBook reader is illuminated very evenly by the Ozeri reading lights.

Another plus is the new switch with two levels of brightness. The reader can now decide whether he wants a warm light, or rather an ultra-bright illumination. The double rotary arm of the reading lamp Kandle by Ozeri II and the fully flexible longer neck of the reading lamp Kandle by Ozeri Flex allow directing the light exactly on the desired position. The light therefore falls straight on the eReader, in order that even a partner sleeping by the reader’s side will not be disturbed.

In the Ozeri Shop at http://www.ozerishop.de/ the different LED reading lamps for eReaders are available in different variations and various colours. Low-cost spare batteries are also available there. The LED reading lights Kandle by Ozeri captivate with quality, functionality and design, and therefore count among the best-selling reading lights for eBook readers.
The Ozeri Shop specializes in exclusive products with a great value of benefit. Owner Friedbert Haak also pays great attention to quality and durability.

One of the all-time favourites is the original Kandle reading light for eBook readers. The handy wine opener Nouveaux and the Ozeri multifunctional kitchen scale enjoy great popularity as well.

Der Ozeri-Shop hat sich auf außergewöhnliche Produkte mit hohem Nutzwert spezialisiert. Inhaber Friedbert Haak achtet dabei außerdem auf Qualität und Langlebigkeit.

Einer der Dauerbrenner ist das Original Kandle Leselicht für ebook Reader. Der Weinöffner Nouveaux und die Ozeri Multifunktionsküchenwaage erfreuen sich auch wachsender Beliebtheit.

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