Wiring smart worlds with high-quality cables

DRAKA long-reach copper cable and space-saving DRAKA Home 10Gbit AWG26 for future-proof building and home networking

Wiring smart worlds with high-quality cables

Intelligent networking of residential buildingswith the space-optimised DRAKA Home 10Gbit AWG26 (Source: Prysmian Group, BU Multimedia Solutions)

Cologne, April 8th, 2019 – High-quality cable products are the backbone of future-oriented and fail-safe smart building and smart home solutions. The Multimedia Solutions division of the Prysmian Group has powerful and reliable copper cables in its portfolio for both applications. In functional buildings, the U/FTP AWG22 long-reach copper cable cost-effectively supplies Ethernet to scattered building services up to 180 meters away. For installation in residential buildings, the leading cable manufacturer provides the space-optimised 10 GBase-T Home Cat.7 AWG26.

The cabling infrastructure must meet new requirements in commercial and private environments alike. Security, comfort and energy efficiency are the main drivers for the installation of smart infrastructures. “While building automation has so far mainly been used in industrial and office buildings, airports and shopping centres, the demand for smart home solutions for the digital remote control of building services via computers, sensors, smartphone apps and voice assistants is also increasing,” explains Zoran Borcic, Product Manager Datacom, BU Multimedia Solutions, Prysmian Group.

Cost-efficient networking of distributed building services

The DRAKA UC LR22 10Gbit U/FTP LSHF long-reach copper cable with optimized range was developed for smart networking of functional buildings. The mechanically robust AWG22 cable with a core diameter of 1.6 mm is fully compatible with the standard-compliant connection technology. It has a maximum range of 180 meters depending on the transmission power, with simultaneous remote powering of the network devices via Power over Ethernet (PoE) according to IEEE 802.3bt. Due to the halogen-free and flame-retardant protective coating, the cable complies with the highest fire protection guidelines in accordance with the EU Construction Products Directive with B2ca s1a d1 a1.

High-quality wiring of living spaces

In the home sector, the requirements on the IP infrastructure are particularly diverse. There is little space available for the “invisible” installation of the cables, mostly in conduits and in flush-mounting. In addition, customers expect future-proof, interference-free solutions that enable flexible use of the rooms, do not require adapters and guarantee high performance (PoE). Prysmian Draka meets these high demands with the space-optimised DRAKA UCHome Cat.7 SS26 S/FTP LSHF with a transmission speed of 10 Gbps. Compared to standard cables, it offers space for one additional cable in the empty conduit and has a bending radius that is 30 percent smaller. The maximum installation length of the very light copper cable with high packing density is 60 meters.

“Our two copper cables form the ideal basis for systems with more safety, comfort and cost savings in functional and residential buildings,” says Zoran Borcic. “Last but not least, they are important components for the implementation of Internet of Things projects and for the implementation of the digital transformation”.

Bildquelle: Prysmian Group, BU Multimedia Solutions

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